Refresh, Revive and Rest this season

01 May 2021
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Autumn is well underway! Can you believe that a quarter of the year has flown by already? Throughout the year so far, some of us have seen major changes to our schedules, ways of working, connecting and staying healthy. With many of us still processing the adjustments and aftermath of the transition to yet another new normality, it is important to acknowledge that it is okay to be feeling run-down and exhausted. Whether you’ve been busy balancing your work-life schedules, maintaining an intense fitness routine to get your health back on track, or keeping up with everything in-between, we encourage saying “YES” to taking the time you need for yourself! So how exactly will you wind down and take your well-deserved break, whether it be for an hour, a day, or more? We have the perfect solutions for you right here! 

Recover with a Wellness Class 

Wellness and mindfulness activities involve slow movement exercises and stretching, with a focus on the mind and body, and are wonderful for those who want to relax and improve fitness levels. They can help you to improve your strength and flexibility, reduce muscle tension, correct your posture, assist with reducing stress, aid in better sleep and relaxation, and improve overall mindfulness. Some fantastic wellness classes we recommend include Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance and Meditation. Find out which wellness classes you like most by trying a few!  


Revive. Restore. Reset with Highlander Minerals.  

Drawing mineral rich spring waters from Victoria's Central Highlands, Highlander Minerals is developed with the historic mineral wellness benefits of the region and enriched in Australian native and organic ingredients. Nourish and give your body the care and love it deserves. It's the perfect partner to complement your wellness routine. This range includes Signature Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath Tonic, Mineral Cleanser Hand & Body, Body Glow Daily Exfoliator and Antibacterial Hydrating Hand Sanitiser Gel. Buy online now and get soft, supple skin for the season 


Re-energise and refresh with Pure Glamping 

Fancy a trip to South East Queensland for a luxury glamping experience? Sign me up! Pure Glamping at Lake Wivenhoe is the ultimate luxe glamping experience. Your home away from home, under the stars, where camping meets glamour. Seclusion at your doorstep, enjoy and explore the serenity of the great outdoors or choose to retreat to the privacy of your very own Pure Glamp site. Styled with all the modern features you can expect of a luxury hotel, you can disconnect from technology and be effortlessly fused into a remote wonderland. Find out more HERE



Relax and rest with a Hepburn Wellness experience 

Looking to indulge in even more luxurious relaxation? A day at the spa or an overnight retreat will do the trick! Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, is located in a picturesque natural landscape, offering a variety of relaxational services and therapeutic treatments to refresh your senses, providing the perfect opportunity for time to refresh yourself and properly relax. Find out more HERE


Feeling tempted yet? Dive into one of these brilliant ideas to take your well-deserved break this Autumn. You never know what greatness could come of it, and it may be all the rest your need to bounce back into action feeling happier, more motivated and mentally ready to get back into your usual routine. Know someone else who could do with some self-care time? Share this article with a friend or start thinking ahead for winter by planning one of these ideas as a gift for one or shared experience you can indulge in with your special someone. 

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