COVID Information & Updates


We would like to reassure our members and guests that we are operating with COVID safe plans in place.

Please read the following important information regarding COVID

The Park is working to ensure the health and safety of all guests and staff is maintained. We want to address the growing fears around the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and share with you the information we have at the current time.

We are working to ensure our park remains a safe place to visit and work. The health and safety of our community is our main priority, we always uphold a high standard of hygiene within the park, however are taking extra precautions during this time.

We hope you will do what you can to take care of yourself and those around you, we also encourage you to use and support our park with confidence while it is safe to do so.

Please see the latest update on the situation below.

Remember is you are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of the flu, cough or cold to please remain away from the centre until you are feeling 100%.

Opening Hours

Winter Hours

Monday to Sunday 
9am - 6pm

Summer Hours

Monday to Sunday
8:30am - 7pm

Update - 09/12/2021

Good news! Onaero Bay Motor Camp will be open to all guests. We will be providing increased cleaning to allow everyone to have a safe and relaxing holiday. Guests will not need a vaccine pass to stay at Onaero Bay, please see our COVID safe practices page for more information.

Update - 25/11/2021

In line with the Governments new COVID-19 Protection Framework outlined on 22nd of November, there will be some changes to restrictions in place when visiting our Park. 

From the 3rd December, all patrons (16 years+) MUST provide proof of vaccination upon entry and follow the current public health orders. Click here to learn more about the My Vaccine Pass. 

If you or anyone in your party is not fully vaccinated (2 doses), please let us know so we can reschedule or cancel your booking with a full refund. 

This is subject to change in line with revisions from the government.  

Read more here NZ Government Update 

Thank you for your patience as we work to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe.  


Frequently asked questions 

Q.   What if I am unvaccinated? 

A.   Unfortunately, at this time you will not be able to stay at the park. All visitors must provide proof of vaccination via the ‘My Vaccine Pass’ upon arrival. If you are not vaccinated, we can cancel or reschedule your booking. 

Q.    Do children need to be vaccinated? 

A.    If they are under 12 years, no. We are still working through the rules for older children, and we will let you know well before December 3rd. 

Q.   What if I’m not ready to come back yet? 

A.    Please contact us and we will reschedule your booking. 

Q.   Are your staff vaccinated? 

A.   All staff must be a least single vaccinated on December 3rd and fully vaccinated by January 17th under the rules as outlined by the government on the 23/11/21. We are working through this process and we may require full vaccination. We will clarify where we stand on this once we fully understand our obligations and legal responsibilities to our staff. The vast majority of our staff are fully vaccinated.

Update - 25/02/2021

Important Information For Your Booking & Stay 

Kia Ora

Our Park is monitoring and managing operations in line with COVID-19 requirements from the Government. 

We are open for and accepting bookings. BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment for the June - July and November - January holiday seasons.  

Health & Safety 

Social distancing (1.5m) rules are applicable in our Park. In addition, COVID-safe cleaning and hygiene practices have been put into effect to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members including increased santisation stations and guidelines supporting a safe stay for all.  

Future bookings 

We know how unpredictable restrictions can be during this time, and we would like to be able to best accommodate all our guests.  

When booking your stay, please make sure you confirm the cancellation policy in regard to COVID-19 with the bookings team prior to confirming your booking.  

Changes or cancellations must be made directly with our bookings team. The team is more than happy to help where possible. 

Please be aware that some  of the regional travel restrictions in place. You can find the latest information here:  

Let’s work to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our communities safe. 

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